Life Coach Based in Birmingham, Alabama

If you know that the only thing you can change is yourself, you will benefit from my service and…

  • Reveal your authentic self-expression

  • Restore your sense of purpose and meaning in life

  • Rekindle your marriage, love relationships and family life

The Human Design System

As a life coach I will empower you to find happiness and fulfillment in your life using a tool called the Human Design System, a new personality assessment model. It is a new kind of horoscope that succeeds astrology in the accuracy of insight. Based on your birth information, it shows a map of your energy dynamics, challenges and gifts.

In the beginning of a consultation, I connect to my client’s heart to facilitate an interaction at the soul level and open the supply of life energy for healing. I also use Reiki for all coaching sessions to facilitate transformation and healing.

By reading your energy dynamics I will provide an understanding of your behavior patterns so that you can successfully achieve whatever you set your heart upon.

Bettina Gribben


Realign your body, mind and spirit.
Rediscover how to become more efficient.
Revamp your work and career.