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Individual Human Design Consultation

Start your journey into self-discovery with your individual reading and get the information and confirmation about yourself that you were always seeking. Find out how you are wired and how you operate in the world. Walk away with an understanding of your gifts and challenges.

$ 250

Bettina Gribben, Phoenix Human Design Life Coaching


Annual Checkup Consultation (three months before your birthday)

With every birthday you start a new cycle of life. This birthday reading is an outlook into the coming year. Find out what it holds in store for you. Walk away with clarity about the coming conditioning forces and an assessment of your options. This reading is also known as a solar return.



Life Purpose Consultation

This consultation delves deep into your life purpose. We will identify your individual core gifts and what they inspire you to contribute to the world and your relationships. Learn what your soul came to do on this earth. Walk away with empowerment, joy and a deep sense of fulfillment.

$ 200

Relationship Consultation for Singles

Find out what you need in a love relationship and what you bring to it. Learn about your love language, your communication style and your behavior. Walk away with an understanding of what you want in a relationship and how you can connect.

$ 200

Career Consultation                         

Identify how you can implement your talents more effectively in your work life.  Get a clear idea about the right business environment for you.  Walk away with clarity about career potentials and ideas to improve your work life.

$ 200


Combination Consultation Packages

Each Package $400

Individual Human Design + Annual Checkup

Individual Human Design + Life Purpose

Individual Human Design + Relationship Profile

Individual Human Design + Career Profile

Rates include the emailing of the chart and the recording of the consultation as an mp3 file.

All appointments can be booked either as an in person consultation or as a phone consultation.

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Relationship Consultation for individuals in a relationship

This consultation introduces you to your human design chart, gives you an overview over your partner’s design and provides an understanding of your relationship dynamics. You will get clarity on what you bring to the relationship, what your partner has to offer and how you work as a couple.

2 hrs  $ 400


Family Dynamic Consultation

This is an in-depth analysis of all the members of your family. It helps you understand the energetic dynamics of your family. This reading is enormously revealing for parents as it shows how to best support the unfolding of your child’s gifts and how to take care of yourself as a parent.

Up to 4 persons for $800; for each additional person add $150

Relationship Compass Consultation (Composite Reading)

For two people in a love, business or parent/child relationship This consultation is extremely powerful and liberating, because you understand the other in a deep way. It leads to more appreciation and love. It reveals each person’s influence and responsibility by design. It decodes and clarifies what goes on in the relationship: the spark, the comfort as well as the differences and the triggers. It shows what you can achieve together and how you make healthy decisions.

Walk away with clarity about the relationship dynamics and gain a new found respect for the other.

3 hrs $ 550

Create your own Coaching Package

Coaching is a follow-up support to your reading. It can clarify what has come up for you in your process. Coaching assists you in continuing your life in the new way and gets you grounded in what is correct for you. Any particular issues or question can be addressed. When you experience a problem, get stuck or just have a difficult time, Bettina will look for answers in the context of your chart and current influences.

1 hr $ 200

Coaching Packages

3 hrs within 3 months $ 550

6 hrs within 6 months $ 1000

10 hrs within 9 months $ 1500


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