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        How to correct installation and commissioning of t
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        A, installation personnel


        Hydraulic transmission system, while and mechanical drive system with a lot of similarities, but a hydraulic drive system does have its characteristics. A professional training, and have certain installation experience to engage in hydraulic system installation.


        Second, review hydraulic system


        The design is mainly review can reach the working target, can realize the machine action and achieve various performance indicators. Installation process for out of the question. Fully understand the organization of the parts of the overall design, in-depth understanding of the role of each branch office. The review of the main contents include the following:


        1, review the design of the hydraulic system


        2, the identification of hydraulic system diagram of rationality


        3 and evaluation system of the manufacturing technology level


        4, check and monitor the purification of the hydraulic system level


        5, hydraulic pressure system parts confirmation


        Three, before the installation technology ready to work


        Hydraulic system in before the installation, should according to relevant technical data to make preparations.


        1, technical material preparation and familiar


        Hydraulic system diagram, electrical diagram, the pipeline arrangement plan, hydraulic components, auxiliary parts, fittings list and related components such as sample, this material is should be ready to complete, so that engineering and technical personnel to the specific content and technical requirements, item by item, familiar with and research.


        2, material preparation


        According to the hydraulic system diagram and the hydraulic parts list, check the number of hydraulic parts and ensure all hydraulic components quality status. Especially strict inspection of pressure gauge quality, find out the pressure gauge, submit the date of inspection time long pressure gauge to check again, ensure accurate can *.


        3 and quality inspection


        Hydraulic components in transportation and inventory easily in the process was pollution and rust, stock time too long can make hydraulic components of the seals and sealing aging loss, some hydraulic components because processing and assembly quality bad make performance not *, so must the components to strict quality inspection.


        A) hydraulic components quality inspection


        1, all kinds of hydraulic component model must be consistent with the component list


        2, to find out whether the hydraulic element time is too long, or keep environment not requirements, should pay attention to internal seals the aging condition of hydraulic components and, when necessary, to unpick and wash, change, and the performance test.


        3 each hydraulic components, the adjustment on the screw, adjust the handwheel, lock nut, are intact.


        4, hydraulic components that came with the surface quality of the seals shall conform to the requirements, otherwise should be replaced.


        5, plate connected elements are connected plane to prohibit to have defects. Installation of the seal groove size processing precision to comply with the relevant standards.


        6, pipe connection of components of the thread connection to mouth has damaged and HuoKou phenomenon.


        7, plate valves installed bottom connection have uneven plane no flaws, no thread connection has damaged and HuoKou phenomenon.


        8, will take the mouth jam oil, check internal components are clean.


        9, check the electromagnetic valve core and the electromagnetic appearance quality, if there is no abnormal use.


        10, the hydraulic components on the attachment must be complete.


        B) hydraulic auxiliary parts quality inspection


        1, fuel tanks to meet the prescribed quality requirements. The fuel tank attachment must be complete. Cases are not allowed in internal corrosion, loading of oil tank before internal must clean.


        2, the tube type specification and drawing design requirements must be consistent, confirm filter precision grade, filter can not have defects, connected to a damaged snail mouth, with attachment must be complete.


        Three, all kinds of seal appearance quality must comply with the requirements, and find out for keeping that brought seals. Had abnormal or time limit for keeping a long seals are not permitted to use.


        4, accumulator quality must comply with the requirements, with accessories to complete. Find out for keeping, to store a long accumulator must strictly check quality, does not meet the technical indexes and requirements of the use of the accumulator are not permitted to use.


        5, the air filter used in filter dust in the air, ventilation resistance can not be too big, guarantee for pressure in the atmospheric pressure. So the air filter will have a big enough through the air ability.


        C) the pipes and the joint quality inspection


        A) the pipe materials, sizes, wall thickness and the joint type specification and processing quality of all should comply with the design requirements.


        B) are not allowed in the tube defects. The following is unusual, are not permitted to use:


        1, pipe inside and outside wall surface corrosion or have significant has become angry.


        2, the pipe surface crack depth wound for more than 10% of the pipe wall thickness.


        3 and there were holes pipe wall.


        4, the pipe sunken into the surface level more than 10% of the pipe diameter.


        C) use the tube bending, have the following anomalies are not permitted to use:


        1, pipe bending parts inside and outside wall surface curve irregular or have jagged.


        2, the pipe bending parts the ellipse is more than 10% above.


        3, flat part of the outer diameter bend pipe diameter for the minimum of below 70%.


        D) are not allowed in the joint defects. If there is the following exception, are not permitted to use:


        1, joint body or nuts a wound, burr or thread broken buckle wait for a phenomenon.


        2, the joint with the machining precision surface body did not reach the technical requirements.


        3, joint body and nut with bad, a loose and jamming phenomenon.


        4, installation of the sealing ring groove size and processing precision not meet the prescribed technical requirements.


        E) the hose and joint defects are not permitted to use of the following:


        1, hose surface skin aging or injury.


        2, joint body is rust phenomenon.


        3 a wound, thread, burr, broken clasps and combined with loose, jamming phenomenon.


        F) flange a has the following defects are not permitted to use:


        1, flange seal face a hole, crack, burr, radial groove.


        2, flange seal groove size, processing precision don't meet the design requirements.


        3, flange gaskets are not allowed in the metal seal various defects. Materials should be below the hardness of the flange hardness.

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