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        Commonly used in hydraulic system of engineering m
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        Hydraulic system setup is hydraulic system can normal operation can be * an important link.

        For mechanical construction enterprise that, engineering machinery technology condition of good or not is the normal production enterprise whether the direct factors. Hydraulic drive of engineering machinery is concerned, the normal operation of the hydraulic system is its good technical status of a main mark. Qualified hydraulic oil is hydraulic system and reliable operation of the safeguard, the correct maintenance is hydraulic system and reliable operation of the basic. For this reason, I according to the work practice, then a 1 in the working environment engineering mechanical hydraulic system maintenance as 1 rough discussion.

        1 to select a suitable hydraulic oil

        The hydraulic oil in hydraulic system plays a transfer pressure, lubrication and cooling, sealing effect, hydraulic oil choice is inappropriate is hydraulic system failure and the durability of the decline of the early primary cause. Should press random "operation instruction" specified in the brand choose hydraulic oil, special circumstances to use with oil generation, should strive to its performance and the original brand the same performance. Different type of hydraulic oil can not be mixed with use, in case the hydraulic oil produces chemical reaction, performance change. Dark brown, ivory, the smell of the hydraulic oil is metamorphic oil, can not be used.

        2 prevent solid impurities mixed in with hydraulic system

        Clean the hydraulic oil is the life of the hydraulic system. Hydraulic system has many precision accidentally pieces, some have damping holes, some have crack, etc. If the solid impurities invasion will cause a precision accidentally strain, hairpin, oil way up and so on, and endanger the safety operation of the hydraulic system. 1 a solid impurities invasion hydraulic system approaches are: the hydraulic oil unclean; Refueling tools unclean; Come on and maintenance, maintenance immodesty; Hydraulic components take off bits, etc. Can from the following several aspects to prevent solid impurities intrusion system:

        2.1 come on

        The hydraulic oil must filter charging, refueling tools should be reliable clean. Can't in order to improve the speed and remove the fuel tank cheer on the filter in the mouth. Come on personnel should use clean gloves and working clothes, in case of solid impurities and fiber impurities fell into the oil.

        2.2 maintenance

        Remove the hydraulic oil tank fuel cap, filter lid, holes, hydraulic oil tube detection etc area, causing the system to avoid exposure to oil way when dust, remove the part to thoroughly first after cleaning to be open. If remove hydraulic oil tank fuel cap, first remove the flap raises the mire of 4 weeks, loosen the flap raises, remove residues in the joints of the debris parts (can't wash with water lest waterlogging tank), confirmed to be open after cleaning the flap raises. If need to use wipe materials and the hammer, should choose not to drop fiber materials and struck the impurity wipe the surface attached special rubber hammer. Hydraulic parts, hydraulic hose to serious cleaning, with a high wind blow dry after assembly. Choose the package is in good quality goods filter (inner packing, although filter in good condition, damage may also not clean). Oil at the same time when cleaning the filters, installation filter application materials before wiping clean filter shell and serious bottom dirt.

        2.3 hydraulic system to clean

        Cleaning oil must use the same number of system and hydraulic oil, the oil temperature is between 80 ℃ ~ in 45, with big flow as far as possible will system impurities away. Hydraulic system repeatedly cleaning three times or more, every time after cleaning, before the oil is hot will all of its release system. Cleaning them again, change the new filter cleaning filter after new oil filling.

        3 to prevent air and water invasion of hydraulic system

        3.1 to prevent air invasion of hydraulic system

        In ordinary pressure under normal temperature, the hydraulic oil contains volume ratio for 6 ~ 8% of air, when pressure decreases from oil free air out, bubbles that hydraulic components "cavitation erosion", noise. A lot of air into the oil will make "cavitation erosion" phenomenon intensifies, the hydraulic oil absorbance increase, the work is not stable, reduce work efficiency, executive element has work "the crawling" and other adverse consequences. In addition, the air still can make the hydraulic oil oxidation, accelerate the transformation of oil. To prevent air invasion should pay attention to the following:

        1, repair and replace the oil according to random after the operation instruction "provisions in the system out air, to normal operation.

        2, the hydraulic pumps suction pipe mouth shall not show oil surface, suck tubing shall be sealed good way.

        3, the pump drive shaft sealing should be good, should pay attention to replace the oil seal should be used when the "mouth" quality goods oil seal, cannot use the "single lip" oil seal instead of, because "single lip" oil seal can only one-way seal oil, and do not have the function of sealing gas. This unit has 1 liugong ZL50 loader overhaul, hydraulic oil pump consecutive "cavitation erosion" noise, oil tank automatically raised fault, the repair process hydraulic pumps inquires, found that the drive shaft for hydraulic pumps the oil seal misuse "single lip" caused by oil.

        3.2 prevent water invasion of hydraulic system

        Oil contains excess moisture, can make the hydraulic components rust, oil emulsification metamorphism, lubricating oil film strength is reduced, accelerate mechanical wear.

        In addition to prevent moisture maintenance the invasion, but also pay attention to the oil barrel need not when, to tighten the cover, the best placed; Big water content of oil to by many filter, each one minor change one filter drying filter paper, no special apparatus in the test, but will drop to heat the oil on the iron, no steam out immediately and burning can refill.

        4 work matters

        4.1 mechanical homework to soft smooth

        Mechanical work should avoid rough, otherwise inevitable impact load, make frequent mechanical fault, shorten service life. The impact of the homework load, 1 the mechanical structure early wear, fracture, broken, 1 the hydraulic system the impact pressure, shock pressure and can make hydraulic components damage, oil seal and high pressure hose connector and hose pressure and place of premature failure oil leakage or pipe explosion, overflow valve frequent action oil temperature rise. I unit had new bought 1 UH171 shovel, assignments every four to six days doumen tubing will oil leakage or burst, oil pipe is random import the integrity of the product, after testing not quality problems. Through the observation, discover that for doumen open, closing strong impact, doorcase set blocks.. To effectively avoid impact load: must be strictly implemented procedures; Hydraulic valves open and closed can't vastly too fast; Avoid to work device component moving to produce strong limit position of impact; No impact of hydraulic equipment can't use function work device (such as the excavator bucket) hurled homework object in order to achieve the purpose of broken. And a noticeable problems: gunner will remain stable. Because every equipment control system of free gap have 1 set differences, joint wear degree of different and that the gap is different also, the engine and hydraulic system of the size of the output is endless also and same, these factors given equipment personality. Only use the device gunner carefully grope, modify his action in order to adapt to the manipulation of the character of equipment, after a long period of homework, to be able to foster the good personality with equipment operation habit. 1 a mechanical industry insist on resource for mechanism degree, this is also one of the factors.

        4.2 to note cavitation erosion and overflow noise

        Assignments are aware of hydraulic pump and relief valve of voice, if hydraulic pump appear "cavitation erosion" noise, the exhaust can not eliminate, should find out after an error reason to use. If a execution element in no load slow, and overflow with relief valve noise, and should immediately stop overhaul.

        4.3 strictly carry out the handing-over system

        The driver when mechanical approach to park, to ensure that carry the driver of the safety and inspection to check the oil level of the accurate. Whether the system is leakage, and connection are loose, piston rod and hydraulic hose is bruises, hydraulic pump of low pressure pipe connection are reliable, into a tank oil is correct and so on, it is the generation of hydraulic system of check the driver key. Atmospheric pressure type fuel tank also check and clean fuel tank vents, maintain its clear, in case of stomatal jams caused vacuum tank, the hydraulic oil pump oil absorption difficult and damage.

        4.4 keep appropriate oil temperature

        Hydraulic system working temperature control in a 1 30 ~ 80 ℃ for appropriate between (temperature 100 ℃ dangerous frequency). Hydraulic system of high oil temperature will result in: oil viscosity decreased, easy to cause leakage, the efficiency is down; The oil film of the decrease of strength, speed up the mechanical wear; Generate carbide and silting ballastless; The oil oxidation accelerate oily deteriorating; Oil seal, high-pressure hose premature aging, etc. In order to avoid the temperature too high: don't long-term overload; Note radiator heat sink not to be oil pollution, in case the dust attached to the influence to come loose hot effect; Keep enough oil for oil heat cycle; Burning hot summer don't work all day, to avoid high temperature at noon time. The oil temperature is too low, the oil viscosity, poor liquidity, big resistance and low working efficiency; When the oil temperature less than 20 ℃, sharp turn damaged hydraulic motor, valve, pipeline, etc. At this time to warm machine operation, start the engine load, idle running 3 ~ 5 min, to medium speed throttle improve engine speed, control handle make work of any one action device (such as excavator ZhangDou) to limit position, keep 3 ~ 5 min make the hydraulic oil through the relief to heat up. If the oil temperature is needed to lower to appropriately increase the warm machine running time.

        4.5 the hydraulic oil tank air pressure and oil amount of control

        Pressure type fuel tank in the work must always be tank air pressure, the pressure must be kept in random "instructions" regulation range. Pressure is too low, and the oil pump oil absorption shortage damaged, pressure is too high, can make the hydraulic system leak, easy to cause the low pressure oil pipe explosion. To repair and replace the oil after the equipment, row after the air as system, according to the operation instruction "random prescribed check the oil a state, will stop the machine on a flat place, engine flameout 15 min resumed after a check the oil and, when necessary, be added.

        4.6 other matters

        Homework to prevent flutter in stone blow hydraulic oil cylinder, piston, hydraulic oil tube parts, etc. If there is a small point on the piston rod and needed to use the point in time oil-stone around ground to edge, in case the destruction of piston rod sealing devices, in not under the condition of the leakage of oil may continue to use. Continuous in 24 h stop more equipment, before initiating, want to note oil pump in, in case the hydraulic pump dry grinding and damage.

        5 regular maintenance matters

        At present some engineering mechanical hydraulic system has set up intelligent device, this device for hydraulic system some hidden trouble have warning functions, but its monitoring area and degree have 1 set limitation, so check the maintenance of the hydraulic system should be intelligent device monitoring results and regular inspection maintenance combined.

        5.1 250 h check the maintenance

        Check the filter mesh on the attached objects, such as metal powder too much, often marks the oil pump wear or oil cylinder cylinder scraping, to this, must be diagnosed and take corresponding measures to boot. Such as the discovery of mesh damage, dirt accumulation, want to change in time, when necessary and oil.

        5.2 500 h check the maintenance

        No matter what condition should be replaced all filter core, because by the human eye, filter tiny imperceptible damage, if long time high temperature operation should also be appropriate change ahead of the filter element.

        5.3 1000 h check the maintenance

        Cleaning the filters, replace filter core, hydraulic oil tank cleaning, replace hydraulic oil. Long-term oil heat work time must be suitable in advance. Of course, if can be through inspection and analysis of oil to guide oil is the most economic, but be aware that extended use of oil, every 100 h should detection 1, in order to discover in time and replace the metamorphic oil.

        5.4 7000 h and 10000 h examination maintenance

        Hydraulic system need by professional testing, make necessary adjustment and maintenance. According to the practice, imported hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor work after 10000 h must overhaul, or hydraulic pump and motor for neglect may be damaged, the hydraulic system is to the destruction of the sex life.

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