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        China hydraulic hammer development present situati
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        China hydraulic hammer the status quo of the development of general can be summarized as: start not night, progress has been slow. Developed work started in the 70 s, "June 5" period, has been listed as key science and technology project, 1984 with the hydraulic hammer development project by the ministerial appraisal.

        Since the early 80 s so far, many of our unit involved in the hydraulic hammer product research and development. Scientific research units with changsha institute, Beijing university of science and technology of mine, central China Harbin industrial university, etc. Manufacturers have jiaxing metallurgy machine xuanhua mining machinery factory, Shanghai, construction machinery factory, tonghua pneumatic tool factory, changzhi hydraulic parts factory, shenyang pneumatic tool factory, yueyang machine tool plant, Harbin hydraulic machinery factory, foshan textile machinery factory, ma on shan blockbuster company, hunan sunvo company and so on more than 20 units. There are a variety of types of hydraulic hammer through technical appraisement.

        But today, most manufacturers because products marketable, not poor quality, has ceased production features of the original production. Only changzhi hydraulic parts factory has always insisted on the production hydraulic hammer, shenyang pneumatic tool factory and Japanese ancient river company production Japan ancient river G series hydraulic hammer, ma on shan blockbuster company, hunan sunvo company in the early 21 st century began production of hydraulic hammer his trademark, but has a small scale.

        At present the domestic industry

        (1) more sellers, manufacturers less

        In the 21 century, with China's basic construction and the development of construction industry, China's construction machinery market also greatly developed. Excavator market growth is rapid, from 1999 in sales volume over 7434 sets, increase to 2003, predict will reach 27500 units in 2004, will reach 30000 units in 2005.

        As hydraulic excavator working parts of hydraulic hammer market requirements also increases rapidly. Domestic hydraulic hammer variety, quality and quantity can meet the needs of the market. So a large foreign hydraulic hammer to enter the Chinese market. Germany, Finland, the United States, Italy, Canada, Japan and South Korea hydraulic hammer can see in the market. Among them with South Korea hydraulic hammer the number of most. Home appeared many hydraulic hammer vendors, Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, tianjin and shenzhen and other large cities have a dozen even dozens of vendors. Most of the distribution of foreign brands in China, and their own brand and production is very few, only a few home, domestic hydraulic hammer variety, quality and foreign hydraulic hammer gap, the market share is very low.

        (2) the research papers, use more reported less

        Domestic research unit, more than 20 years to a large number of theoretical research, in the rock mechanical pneumatic tools ", "mechanical engineering journal, construction machinery" and so on the published many theoretical calculation and experiment technology, the paper the principle of institutions, colleges and universities also have many degree thesis is about hydraulic hammer of research. But about domestic hydraulic hammer in mine, building site the use of the report is extremely rare. This and the overseas opposite circumstances, European and American countries of hydraulic hammer writing assignments in the demolition site, the use of tunnel engineering situation report, and the level of the theoretical study of the article published less. But their products sell well throughout the world.

        (3) product cycle is long, to improve the innovation less

        From the world look, hydraulic hammer is the 1960 s and early 70 s developed product. German can krupp, Finland sharp horses, Japan's ancient river, the company has passed the hydraulic hammer of the several times of the improvement, upgrading the three or four or five times, small improvement is constantly.

        China's hydraulic hammer manufacturing, basically copied or imported technology from the start, the lack of original creation. The introduction of technology might often is not the best, choose to be imitated sometimes not very appropriate product, the digestion absorption ability is not strong, lack of secondary innovation. Generic at a modest pace, when introducing products or copy products in foreign countries has been knocked out, a new generation of products have been listed, we introduced or generic products with the goal of natural unavoidable dying fate.

        (4) the product industry ownership is not clear, lack of statistical data of China, and the lack of hydraulic hammer statistics data corresponding hydraulic hammer products industry is unclear ownership

        Hydraulic excavator accessories industry products belong to? Still belongs to hydraulic machinery industry? Or is belong to determining the machinery industry? There is no unified claim.

        Hydraulic hammer belongs to the host of products, or accessories products? Japan, South Korea were to declare it a host of products, hydraulic hammer and excavators, loaders coordination. From product value, or the complex degree, hydraulic hammer are far higher than general excavator accessories. Moreover, hydraulic hammer is more than with excavator form a complete set, it is also used in and supporting loader, and steel mills and furnace machine, demolition charter flights form a complete set, and mine fixed or movable supporting hammer apparatus, etc. The author opinion: hydraulic hammer should be listed as the host product, not belonging accessories.

        Hydraulic hammer products belong to engineering machinery categories is no problem, hydraulic hammer work object is rock, concrete, refractory bricks and other hard solid to external mechanical relatively appropriate. And the work of rock mechanical do external object is also, I think, in the production of hydraulic hammer at present in our country, the annual output value is small, so the hydraulic hammer (cut) to determining the machinery industry. When the hydraulic hammer production development to Japan, Korea that scale, hydraulic hammer (cut) separate listed as a product category.

        Wide prospect of market of domestic hydraulic hammer to catch up

        Japan, Korea such highly developed and moderately developed countries, the basic construction of domestic market is saturated, its domestic construction machinery market have stagnated or atrophy, hydraulic hammer and other projects construction machinery many rely on exports. And the whole society in our country industrialization process is not yet complete, a large number of railway, highway, water conservancy is or will be. Large, medium and small cities in traffic, building construction is in the ascendant, to hydraulic hammer and other construction machinery provides a great deal of market opportunities. Because there is no statistical data, we can't quite hydraulic hammer to direct China's sales and market requirements.

        In the 21 century, ma on shan blockbuster company, hunan sunvo company has launched his trademark of hydraulic hammer. At present, the scale the domestic manufacturers have: blockbuster companies, sunvo company and changzhi hydraulic parts factory. But domestic products market share is still very low, most of the market is Korea, Japan, Germany products possession. Business is the local entrepreneur should seize the opportunity of the development of the market the products, elaborate manufacture, continuous innovation, the expanded sale to regain the domestic market, and even exported to abroad.

        Hydraulic hammer model and selection

        1) type hydraulic hammer the digital, it may be a sign that mining conveying rate a heavy or let, may also said hydraulic hammer weight, or drill rod diameter, or hydraulic hammer can impact. In most cases, digital and it shows the meaning and not the one-to-one, is often a number range. And sometimes hydraulic hammer parameters have changed, but the models are still the same, this makes the meaning of digital model is more ambiguous. What is more, data and not the actual data, users to pay attention.

        2) hydraulic hammer and the matching of the excavator, excavator for users, the main concern is the weight of matching, also want to check dynamic matching. For other bearing mechanical character, dynamic matching and weight of the same main match. According to the experience of other users equipped with hydraulic hammer, also is very reliable.

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