The Human Design System

In my work I use a combination of three powerful tools: the Human Design System, Reiki and Classical Coaching Skills. Over the years this combination has proven to be very effective and revealing.

Human Design is a personality mapping technique used to identify core values and gifts. It provides unique insight into how to make choices in harmony with who you are, and gives unprecedented information into how a person fits into the world and interacts with others.

Human Design is a synthesis of four ancient systems: The Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, the Chakras, I Ching and Astrology.  These four ancient wisdoms are combined in what we call a Human Design Body Graph Chart. It looks like a map and it visually reveals the predisposition of a person in a profound way. It shows your strengths, talents, gifts and vulnerabilities.

The purpose of a reading is not about changing who you are but recognizing who you have always been. A reading is an empowering experience that instills confidence, restores a sense of purpose and realigns you with your joy and beauty. When you regain trust in yourself, you know what is important, what will work best, when to act and when to wait for a better opportunity.

I am looking forward to reading your energy map and being part of this powerful moment when you reconnect with your truth. To calculate your individual chart, all I need is the date, time and location of your birth.

An individual chart reveals:

  • Your unique gifts for self-expression
  • Your challenges
  • Your optimal energy use
  • Your strategy to make healthy decisions
  • Your role in your community
  • Your contribution in this life
  • Your impact on others.
  • Your relationship profile (How to connect to others)
  • Your way to feel safe
  • Your areas of intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth
  • Your destiny themes
  • Your nurturing environments
  • Your life path


I am here to provide you with a clear understanding of your authentic nature and help you discover the abundance that was designed for you.


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