The Four Types

There are four basic definition types, identified by how the centers are colored and connect:

Manifestors have a continuous definition from one of the four motors (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart) to the Throat center. This is a design to do. It’s easier on others if they seek agreement before acting. Their major concern in life is their impact on other and they are here to initiate and accomplish things. Usually they do not like interference from others and suffer from being controlled. Their major question in life is: What impact do I have? Manifestors are here to initiate and their energy can be either empowering or provocative. An attitude of courtesy is very helpful.

Generators have a defined Sacral center. Waiting for a positive, non­verbal sacral response before committing their energy helps in making decisions. A generator’s sacral definition can also get to the Throat and is then a “manifesting generator.” If you are a generator, your role is to be a builder and work is crucial for your well-being. In listening to that response mechanism in you, you will notice either a resistance or a full motivation to get things going. The resistance advises you to wait and restore your batteries. The drive to get started translates into an activity that enriches your life. Generators, who push things, meet external resistance, quit jobs and relationships and thus potentially degenerate their vitality. Generators major question is life is: Who am I?

The generator is here to be responsive and their energy can be rhythmic or frustrating (dynamic or obstinate for the manifesting generator). An attitude of resilience  (patience for the manifesting generator) is helpful.

Projectors have definition that doesn’t involve the Sacral center or a motorized Throat. Projectors tend to seek attention and also can recognize others. They are at their best with people around who recognize their qualities. As a projector, your virtue is paying attention to your environment. You see and observe things in people and circumstances that others do not see. Your lesson is to be a sacred witness and give your advice when you are asked for it, then you get a lot of praise and attention for your input. Projectors who do not wait and impose their view on others, come across as very manipulative and controlling. Therefore Projectors should pay attention to themselves and recognize when their input is not appreciated. When they are not heard, they should not get involved. That strategy helps to maintain their energy level and protects them from feeling depleted. Projectors have great leadership qualities, because their perception of the other is so valuable. Their major question in life is: Am I seen?

The projector is here to be interactive and their energy can be either integrative or interfering. An attitude of faith in their gifts is helpful.

Reflectors have no definition. They are who they are with and mirror other peoples’ qualities. If you are a reflector then your chart is totally white, you are open to transcendence, but you have to endure the constant identification with people’s emotions, stress or anxiety. You need others as sounding boards to feel and express yourself. Therefore you learn how to rely on the right people in your life, on a community. Otherwise you often feel left out. The reflector’s major question is: Who are we? If you watch a reflector you can assess the community they live in. The reflector is here to digest the environment and their energy can be either embracing or dissipating. An attitude of trust in the universe is helpful for them.

All people have Reflector aspects in their Designs (everything that’s white in the body graph).